diamonis complete set


Bring out your inner glow with Diamonis Beauty. As a non-toxic skincare and beauty brand in Malaysia, we only incorporate the highest quality of ingredients in our products. We are here to deliver non-GMO skincare that will leave you feeling refreshed and moisturised, regardless of skin type.

Get your hands on ethically made, trending beauty products and experience the difference it makes. Take our best-seller, for example; the Unicorn Glow Peel-Off Mask is a never-before-seen product in the beauty market. In addition to its sparkling purple hue, this glitter mask will leave you with beautiful supple skin in just 20 minutes.

We are a local skincare brand passionate about providing only the highest quality beauty and skincare products at affordable prices. Our range of paraben and phthalate-free skincare beauty products will tremendously benefit those struggling with mild acne and dull skin.